3 Days In Bangkok Itinerary

3 Days In Bangkok ltinerary
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Bangkok is not only known as Thailand’s capital; it is also seen as one of the few cultural and commercial centers of the country. Bangkok is a very colorful city, filled with interesting things to do and see all day and night. There are malls you can shop at, temples you can pay respects, cafés you can spend your time sipping coffee in, and boats you can ride along the Chao Praya River.

Bangkok is one of those cities in Thailand that never truly sleeps. If you are looking for a 3-day itinerary that is budget-friendly and allows you to get all that experience of what it’s like to spend your life in Bangkok, this article should be enough to cover anything you would probably need during your trip.

 Firstly, before introducing you to all the attraction spots you shouldn’t miss, here are some things that you should bring along with you to make your stay in Thailand a little easier. Thailand is usually known for being excruciatingly hot all year round. It would be beneficial if your wardrobe included only warm weather clothing. You can also bring with you a bug spray (there are a lot of bugs and mosquitos in Thailand and the hot and humid atmosphere doesn’t help with staying bug-free), slip-on shoes, and sunscreen (for preventing sunburn).

 If you are looking for a cheap, cozy hostel to stay during your trip, ‘Arize Hotel Sukhumvit’ or ‘Narra Hotel’ would be a good place to have a look at. However, if you are looking for something more luxurious, the ‘Jasmine Resort Hotel’ or ‘Baiyoke’ hotel would serve as a better choice. The Baiyoke hotel once stood as the tallest hotel in Thailand at 98 stories tall features 7 different dining cuisines and an observation deck at the very top of the building. So, if you are looking for something towards a romantic getaway, the Baiyoke hotel should be in your consideration.

 There are a lot of helpful apps that will make navigating your way through Bangkok a lot easier. Here are just some of them.   

  1. Grab Car App: this app is what you can use to call a taxi whenever you need one.
  2. Grab Food, Food Panda: these two apps are very useful whenever you feel like ordering in.
  3. Viabus: use this app whenever you want to find local buses near you
  4. Google Maps: finding your way around the city using the maps app will make everything easier, especially if you’re planning to walk to your destination.
  5. Google Translate: This app is particularly useful whenever you want to communicate or bargain prices with Thai people.

   Day 1

 The first place you should visit is ‘Wat Phra Kaew’, arguably the most popular destination for all the tourists who happen to visit Bangkok. Its name can be translated into the ‘Temple of Emerald Buddha’ in English. The temple is known for its beauty in design and architecture, filled with golden Chedis and colorful glass mosaics around all the walls and ceilings.

Since Wat Phra Kaew is located within the grounds of ‘The Grand Palace’ you can kill two birds with one stone and just visit both the places. The grand palace constitutes of small beautiful buildings that served as home to Thai Kings since 1782. The best transportation method that you can use to get to these two destinations is a taxi. They shouldn’t be too expensive and shouldn’t take too long to reach. Try to avoid Tuk Tuks around the area because it is easy to get scammed from them.

After your trip to the Grand Palace, you can take a ferry from Chao Praya River to Wat Arun, this can cost you anywhere from 14 baht to 35 baht. Wat Arun is another landmark in Bangkok that you should take about an hour to roam around in. Contrary to its English name, ‘Temple of Dawn’ is particularly beautiful at sunset. You can reach Wat Arun at any time before 5 pm because after that the temple normally closes. 

 A small tip for your first day visiting all these temples and palaces is to wear appropriate clothing. Since a temple is a sacred area, men should wear collared t-shirts and pants that are at least to the knee. Women should cover their cleavage and shoulder appropriately, pants or skirts worn should be at least knee-length.

   Day 2

You can spend your second day in Bangkok in the very center of the city shopping at all the popular shopping malls. MBK center (Maboonkrong) is an eight-story shopping mall located in the center of Bangkok, over there you can expect to find everything from massage and nail parlor, to clothes and tattoo shops. It is a very diverse mall where everything is made available within your reach. MBK is popular amongst tourists because most of the goods sold ever there are set at a very affordable price. You can get to MBK by taking the sky train to ‘National Stadium BTS station’.

If you happen to stop at ‘Siam BTS station’ while on the sky train, you can make your way to ‘Siam Paragon’, one of the largest malls in Thailand. Siam Paragon is famous for all the high-end stores like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, etc. A lot of tourists like to do all their branded shopping in Paragon because the prices of all the branded goods are cheaper in Bangkok when compared to their home country. One floor beneath Siam Paragon’s food court lies the infamous ‘Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World Aquarium’, the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia. You can pay for a ticket and expect to learn all the interesting sea creatures from finding Giant Spider Crabs to jellyfishes.

At night, one of the busiest streets famous for their delicious street food scene is Yaowarat, known to tourists as Bangkok’s own Chinatown. You can head over there using a taxi or take an MRT to Wat Mangkon station. When in Chinatown, you can try traditional noodles, fried rice, desserts, and pastries. It is said that you’ll never taste food anywhere like Yaowarat. There have been multiple reports of tourists coming back to Bangkok many times just to eat at the same restaurant!

   Day 3

Getting a chance to watch a traditional Muay Thai fight for your last day in Bangkok would be something that a hardcore MMA fan would love. Take the BTS to ‘Kasetsart University’ station then hop on a taxi or get a bike to take you to ‘Lumpinee Stadium’. If you want to get to the stadium using the bus, get down at the same station (Kasetsart University) and then use the Viabus app to find a bus near you. Lumpinee Stadium is famous for hosting the best traditional Muay Thai fights in Thailand. The atmosphere inside the stadium is always eccentric and filled with energy. Lumpinee Stadium host fights every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. If you find yourself not being able to book a fight on any of those days, feel free to visit ‘Channel 7 Stadium’ or ‘Mx Muay Xtreme’ for your Muay Thai experience.

 If you have a bit of time left of kill before you must go to the airport, why not enjoy a relaxing Thai massage at a local Massage parlor? Some popular places people go to for massages are ‘Let’s Relax Spa’, ‘Lek Massage’, ‘Dahra Beauty and Spa’.

 In the end, although Bangkok can be very noisy and finding your way around the city can be frustrating. Once you reach all your travel destinations, you’ll find yourself enjoying every moment of it. Maybe this one trip to Bangkok might be enough to convince you of how beautiful the capital of Thailand can be.