Best Nightlife in Railay Beach

Best NightLife in Railay Beach
Image by sitoo from Flickr

Railay Beach (sometimes spelled Rai Leh) is the most laid-back beach in Krabi, famous for the limestone cliffs that separate it from the rest of the country— that means that there’s no road coming through, the only way in and out is by boat.

Having walkways rather than streets and cars makes the Railay Peninsula the perfect place if you’re after a relaxing time. Follow the paths that lead along the bay, to the beaches and to the limestone cliffs popular for rock climbing.

During the high season, Railay is the place to be, with its full moon, half-moon and black moon parties, beach fire dancing shows, spontaneous beach get-together jam sessions, and the many live music bars featuring Muay Thai exhibitions.

Although Railay East is not the best during the daytime, at night is the place to go to enjoy the many beach-side bars and restaurant, the vibe here is very laid back, with Reggae music playing throughout all the venues.

While on Railay West is where the more beach fun related activities are— usually very busy already from sunset time, the party here goes on until the full moon rises over the surrounding cliffs and into the night.

No doubt that Railay Beach bars and restaurants may seem overpriced compared to the rest of Thailand— in some cases expect to pay double what you would normally pay for an alcoholic drink. Being it reachable only by boat made it impossible to build roads, so the extra costs of the transport make the goods’ price a little higher than in other places.

However, it is this lack of motorized transportation that makes Railay so cool. You’ll have this “out of the world” kind of holiday feeling while you’re here. Everyone moves from one place to another on foot and the many bars, restaurants, and nightlife joints have a Rastafarian-Hippie vibe.

It can be crowded in the high season but the pristine natural environment and the top-class climbing routes make Railay the perfect place for the people who want to get away from it all, young travelers and rock climbers.

Here are some of the best bars and most popular venues that you should visit for the Best Night Life in Railay Beach!

Bamboo Bar

Known as one of the best places to have fun on a night out in Railay— as you can imagine this bar is completely made out of bamboo!

With a very chilled atmosphere during the day and a more party-like mood in the evening, one of the features that make Bamboo Bar popular is the great selection of drinks and the mixology skills of its staff.

In this fun beach bar, you will also find a number of board games, it’s own Bamboo Tattoo Studio and a Thai Box ring, regularly used for matches and show!

  • How to get there: Railay West Beach – at the back of the walking street
  • Opening hours: 18:00 – 02:00

Tew Lay Bar

This is another cool bamboo venue, located off the beaten track on Railay East, some 300 meters on a path after Lucky’s Last Bar & Restaurant.

Featuring seating areas suspended above the Andaman Sea and hammocks— where you can sip on the powerful cocktails in a very relaxed atmosphere while enjoying magnificent views over Railay East Bay and the mangrove forests.

Tew Lay Bar is undoubtedly out of the way, and this remoteness only adds to its charming style. Here you can truly forget about all the rest and enjoy a totally care-free sunset drink.

  • How to get there: Railay Beach East – 350m down the path after the Last Bar
  • Opening hours: 11:00 – 02:00

Flame Tree

Located right in the middle of Railay West Beach, this is one of the local institutions.

In the typical Thai Southern style, this bar is made of the classic bamboo, driftwood, and corrugated roof and it hosts also a smoothie shack and a coffee shop.

With western and Thai food served from breakfast throughout to dinner, the Flame Tree is busy all day long and it’s a popular spot for evening drinks.

With its Thai mats strategically placed in the sand, this is an excellent place for sunset views— browse through the extensive drinks list while watching the sun sinking in the sea in front of you.

  • How to get there: Railay Beach West – right in the middle
  • Opening hours: 08:00 – late

Joy Beach Bar

Another long-time established institution— this one on Railay East Beach— is the Joy Beach Bar.

Totally built-in wood, the Joy Beach Bar it’s open on all its sides, overlooking the mangrove of Railay East. It sustained a major renovation in 2012 and it now features a second story.

Sit on one of the triangular Thai pillows or on a mattress, around the many low bamboo tables: sit back, chill out, feel the breeze of the sea while sipping what many people claim to be the best cocktails in Thailand— make sure you try they’re Mojito!

With its stunning beachfront, chill-out atmosphere and the outstanding service and cocktails, Joy Beach Bar is a place you must visit in your nights out in Railay East

  • How to get there: Railay East beachfront
  • Opening hours: 10:00 – late

Why Not Bar

Towards the end of the strip leading up to the Last Bar, there are a few smaller venues with a more low-key relaxed vibe.

One of these is the Why Not Bar, here the friendly bartenders love to engage in games with the patrons and when serving cold drinks they might test them with a brainteaser.

The costs of the drinks are cheaper by Railay standards and there’s a free pool table.

The Why Not Bar is a simple bar, with all the things you could ask for in such a chilled environment.

  • How to get there: Railay East –  towards the street’s end, before the Last Bar
  • Opening hours: 17:00 – late