Best Nightlife in Koh Samui

Koh Samui Best Night Life
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Calm down, calm down. I know you can’t control yourself jumping into the sea but please wait until you read these all.

Ok, let’s say something about one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand. Actually, it’s the second most beautiful and second-largest island where it is close to Bangkok. If you have a short trip or a long stay, Koh Samui is a must on your list. So pack your bikinis and let’s discover the best things in there. (Oh! I mean, this article is not only for ladies. So, guys, you should also pack your swimwear. Choose a sexy one please). 

A lot of places to visit, leisure activities to practice, delectable foods to sample, and new experiences are waiting for you and you should not forget about the nightlife in Koh Samui. Before you enjoy your nightlife there, you should make a list of your family members not to forget them because the extreme happiness at Koh Samui Island will make you forget everything. You would even don’t want to go back to your home town.

For now, let’s find out about the best nightlife in Koh Samui.

Bars & Clubs

  1. Ark Bar Beach Club

“Aye…Yo”…. Put your, put your hands up. You might know what it means. Parties!! If you are looking for the best party at night, you should go to the “Ark Bar Beach Club”. They even call Ark Bar as the institute of nightlife because it locates right on the beach, in the central area of Chaweng. This 1-stop party destination of Samui island also provides services like a beachside resort, restaurant, bar, and nightclub.

So I do not recommend for those who would like to relax at the beach even though this resort has 300 rooms sight by the sand. Live music, performed by local and occasional international DJs, starts at 12 noon and the party officially ends at 2 AM. The prices are reasonable for accommodation and carting. So, this Ark Bar beach club is the top-recommended that you can turn your nights so wild and crazy while you stay in Koh Samui Island.

  1. Nikki Beach Koh Samui

Are you a big fan of the sunset? Do you want to feel the beauty of the sunset on the luxurious poolside sun loungers and cabanas? Choose Nikki Beach Koh Samui. Did I just mention “luxury”? Yes. This resort is a high-end beach club with the exclusive club that exists on Lipa Noi Beach. So now let’s talk about renting those luxurious things.

The prices can vary due to the season but whatever you choose it includes a free welcome drink and a bottle of bubbly, ranging from sparkling wine for beach beds to top-of-the-range champagne for poolside. They also serve a mix of the local and international menu. There is a very popular buffet-style Sunday brunch. It means Sunday is the best day to visit there and have lunch.

  1. Beach Republic

You can spend your time in another combination of resort, beach club, spa, and restaurant at the Beach Republic. You just need to drive 30 minutes from Samui Airport. When you arrive at the resort, you will get the vibes of modern style architectures. They also have luxurious facilities which their guest can use for free but the outsiders need to pay for rent.

They accept outsiders with entrance fees for special events and parties. You can chill and relax at these events with famous musicians, DJs, and entertainment shows such as real-life escape games. While you are watching the shows, don’t forget to close your mouths because you will suffer jaw drop syndrome by those amazing and incredible sight views.

  1. Bar Solo

Bar solo is one of the best nightlife of the Island. It locates beside Chaweng Beach Road and the two-story building is very stylish that attracts so many people. Good news for everyone!! Within 14:00 – 20:00, you only need to pay half for the cocktails. So go get drunk before sunset. (Imagine you got drunk afternoon and fall asleep on the shore. Lol).

You better not fall asleep because there are famous local and international DJ performers are there every night to make you dance. So you can dance like Beyonce or Britney Spear. (But make sure you wear underwear because you might lose your pants while you dance). But the drinks prices are pretty competitive for a popular nightclub in a busy tourist destination like Chaweng.

  1. Hush Bar

Let’s use the word “dope” to describe for this bar but it is more than a bar. Delicious and cheap buckets are the famous items of Hush Bar along with different DJs and music every night. You can feel the vibes of spinning a mix of Hip Hop, R&B, UK Garage, Commercial House, Dubstep, and Drum & Bass. But the place is quite small to call a nightclub but don’t worry, they have a two-story venue. So you can dance whatever you want.

Are you going with your partner and want to make some memories? Write something on their popular blackboard. (Don’t list your entire ex names on the board or you will get dumped by your existing partner). But you might want to do something very badly to your bad ex, right? There is a good idea for you at the bar.

They have a boxing machine to test your punching skills. Imagine your ex’s face and punch it until you lose your energy and you will also get drink discounts on shooters and buckets all equal a fun and entertaining night. Isn’t it cool? (God! I want to go there and punch right now). By the way, Hush Bar locates at the very famous street “Soi Green Mango”. Do not stop reading here because there are more interesting things about the island’s nightlife.

Famous Streets

  1. Soi Green Mango

Do you like mango? (Don’t eat too much, it will make you fat. Kidding!). Do you think they call this street green mango because there are mango trees or shops on the street? May be or may not be but at the end of the street, there is the iconic club which they call Green Mango Club, which has been an institution of Chaweng’s nightlife for decades.

Now the problem solve? Why this street is so famous? And they call this street as the beating heart of the island’s nightlife. You will hear loud music and having good times all night long. The answer is there are varieties of clubs and bars including Green Mango club, Galaxy Samui Club, Hush Bar, Henry Africa’s Bar, Our Bar Irish Pub, Viking Bar, and they also have Sweet Soul café.

When you are hungry, there are lots of cheap food shops along the streets. So treat yourself. You can find a good few beer bars and a couple of go-go bars and be careful scantily-clad girls are trying to chase and seduce you to come in. There is one thing; Soi Green Mango dropped its popularity rank as Ark Bar and other Samui’s beach clubs open. However, it still has a lot to attract you to enjoy your nightlife on the Island after midnight. 

  1. Soi Reggae

Do you love Bob Marley? Do you love to wear in a Reggae style? Do you love Reggae music? You don’t need to answer these questions. I’m just asking to refresh you. Please don’t get bored reading this article.

Now, I’m talking seriously. Let’s move to explore about Soi Reggae from Chaweng beach.  Like Soi Green Mango, Soi Reggae was named following the name of a huge and extremely popular Reggae pub at the end of the street. Let say Soi Green Mango and Soi Reggae are sisters but not partners in crime. But you can do some naughty things there. (Only naughty, but not a crime).

As I mentioned, Reggae pub is the real highlight of the street. The pub getting busy after 23:00 and the easy-going reggae music is largely taking place. There also are some rock and hip-hop music to feel a little different some times. By the way, Reggae pub is not the only reggae style venue; you can find other restaurants in Reggae style over the road.

You can also do some naughty dances at the bars in the street. Let me introduce to you the first one, Coco Bar. It has a modest-looking venue from outside and you can sing karaoke and dance at the club zone inside but it is not a big venue because the style is to sit and socialize. The popularity of this bar is quite huge and it led them to open a branch in Phuket.

  1.  Soi Bar Solo

Like the other streets, the name “Soi Bar Solo” is given follows by its famous bar name. The pattern of the street sets like the other major nightlife hubs in Chaweng. This street is quite small but there are some unique bars like Pride Bar which is a gay bar, some massage bars, and restaurants.

Moreover, there are two things that make this street popular which are transgender cabaret shows and Muay Thai stadium. I will explain more about these two famous shows in other sections. But for now, let me introduce some other bars in this street. 

Jimi Hendrix Bar which used to open on Soi Green Mango and was famous for its old-school rock and indie music. They still maintain their great reputation and great music even after moved to Soi Bar Solo. There is also another gay bar called K-Club but it is a combined club including disco and massage shop located towards the bottom end of Soi Bar Solo.


  1. Samui International Muay Thai Stadium

As I have mentioned before, here is some information for those who love to watch sports. This stadium is the smallest and most obscure of the three Muay Thai stadiums in Chaweng. The basic ticket price is 1,000 baht each but it can differ on the seat you choose. The shows go on every Monday and Friday but sometimes on Sunday during high season.

  1. Chaweng Stadium

Chaweng stadium is the most modern Muay Thai boxing stadium in Chaweng. Regularly, the major events are the fighting of local and foreign fighters. So if you are so into fighting and you want to try while you are visiting there, it is a good chance for you to compete.

But it is not all about fighting, I mean real fighting. It has the Events Center where they host special party night, usually start around 10 PM. At these parties, they perform local and international DJs and some other live performances of Muay Thai boxing.

For these events, the entry fee is free before midnight but you have to pay 300 baht after midnight. For the ticket prices, the cheapest one is 1,000 baht and it can be vary depending on the event and where you want to sit.

Lady Boy Shows

  1. Paris Follies Cabaret

Have you ever heard of Thai Lady Boys? They said you could forget your wife because of the beauty of these ladyboys. So guys before you go there make sure to get your wife or girlfriend’s permission. Paris Follies Cabaret is the bawdiest and most risqué among the other ladyboy shows.

The featuring of buxomest dancers in most revealing costumes will make you drool. The duration of the show is 1 hour with humor and exciting dance routines. They also impersonate the most divas from the music industry like Whitney Houston, Lady Gaga, Madonna, and more.

There is a special warning, if you sit in the front row, you can be part of the show as they will invite you to feature. So if you are homophobic or don’t have a sense of humor, you better not go there.

  1. Starz Cabaret Samui

If you want to see the high-quality performances, you should choose Starz Cabret  Samui. Within 45 minutes, you will see a mix of song and dance routines including traditional Thai dances and impersonations of Tina Turner, Ariana Grande, Beyonce, and others.

The performers are very professional as well as their handmade costumes are very fantastic. Starz Cabaret is the easiest show of its kind to find and one of the cheapest. If you buy a cocktail, you can enter for free but it’s not worth because it’s more expensive and the taste of the cocktail is not so good.

So, be wise and make a good choice.