Flight of the Gibbon

Flight of the Gibbon
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About Flight of the Gibbon

Amid the northern Thai mountains lies one of the most exciting adventures. The Flight of Gibbon is the longest Zipline course in the nation. If you’re one of nature and some experience to go with it, you absolutely cannot miss The Flight of Gibbon. The adventure opened its doors in 2007 when a New Zealand adventurer decided that Thailand needs a zipline experience. Fast forward ten years and the experience caught on like a wildfire and has not looked back since. 

The adventure is designed to take a rider through the luscious rainforest through the Mae Kampong Village. The greenery is beyond encompassing and awe-inspiring. It’s one of the best ways to truly experience the nature Thailand has to offer. The experience also provides an educational aspect where you will get to learn about flora and fauna of the rainforest surrounding you.

The adventure adheres to the wildlife sanctuary and can experience the most magnificent wild animals ranging from monkeys, white lions, rhinos, giraffes, flamingos, hornbills, elephants, and obviously gibbons. In addition to that, if the animals are not in their mating season, you can get a chance to feed them. Flight of the Gibbon also offers add-on adventures if you are interested. Otherwise, the main focus of the experience is to conserve the habitat. Since all of the activities are related to exploring new habitats, Flight of the Gibbon also offers wildlife and forest conservation class where people from all around the world can learn how to sustain the environment. 

General Information

Flight of the Gibbon provides an experience for ziplining through the beautiful ancient Thai rainforest, and it is enjoyable for all ages, even if you have a fear for heights. With promotional prices, it is a lovely place to enjoy with friends and family. There is nothing to be scared of because Flight of the Gibbon is known for its highest safety standards possible for its customers.

Other than the zipline, there are several things you can do in the whole experience. Flight of the Gibbon provides add-on activities such as Elephant tours, a city segways tour, cooking classes, Muay Thai Boxing shows, Kayaking, and many more events. To have fun, you must reserve a whole day for this experience. Other than that, come with an open mind, and prepare to have the most traditional experience of your life!

How to get there

Flight of the Gibbon is 1 hour away from the central Chiang Mai City

  • If you purchase a ticket from the website, there will be a pickup service from your hotel in Chiang Mai to the beautiful rainforest where the whole Zipline experience is.
  • Car: 106 Village, No.3, Huai Kaeo, Mae On District, Chiang Mai 50130 
  • Otherwise, you can use local taxis or the Grab App.

Venue details

Flight of the Gibbon is open all week from 6:00 AM – 11:00 PM.

Price and Packages

Ticket TypeOnline PriceExperience duration
Chiang Mai Zipline V.I.P Experience฿ 9,999Same day
Chiang Mai Zipline Experience฿ 4,299Same day
Chiang Mai Elephant Tour (No Riding)฿ 2,000Same day
Chiang Mai City Segway Tour฿ 2,299Same day
Chiang Mai Zipline Experience + Elephant Sanctuary Tour฿ 4,999Same day
Chiang Mai Zipline Experience +  Free Cooking Class฿ 4,299Same day
Chiang Mai Zipline Experience + Free Muay Thai Boxing Show฿ 4,299Same day
Chiang Mai Zipline Experience + Free Eco-Village Artisan Tour฿ 4,299Same day
Chiang Mai Zipline Experience + River Kayaking฿ 5,4992 days
Chiang Mai Zipline Experience +  Chiang Mai City Segway Tour฿ 4,999Same day
Chiang Mai Zipline Experience + White Water Rafting฿ 5,2992 days
Chiang Mai Zipline Experience + Mountain Biking฿ 4,9992 days
Chiang Mai Zipline Experience + Kayaking on the Lake฿ 5,4992 days

For more information visit: https://www.flightofthegibbon.com/en/book-now


The location has many facilities that are a part of the package you purchase. Some of which include:

  1. Zipline in the middle of the rainforest
  2. Waterfall viewing (included in the regular package)
  3. Restaurant (also included in the regular package)
  4. Gibbon encounters 


Flight of the Gibbon has mainly 3 experiences and many other activities where you can mix and match your ticket with. Here are some of the activities Flight of the Gibbon has.

  1. Zipline Experience
  2. Elephant Tour (no riding)
  3. Chiang Mai City Tour on a segway

Other activities:

  1. Elephant Sanctuary Tour
  2. Cooking Class
  3. Muay Thai Boxing Show
  4. Eco-Village Artisan Tour
  5. River Kayaking (requires 2 days)
  6. White Water Rafting (requires 2 days)
  7. Mountain Biking (requires 2 days) 
  8. Kayaking on the Lake (requires 2 days)


Website: https://www.flightofthegibbon.com/

Email: info@treetopasia.com

Phone: +66 53 010 660

Facebook: FlightOfTheGibbon

Instagram: flightofthegibbon

Twitter: @TreeTopAsia


Are there any age requirements?

  • Yes, you can bring people as young as five years of age until seventy.

Is it safe?

  • Yes, it is 100% safe because all the instructors are trained professionals.

Is there a refund policy?

  • The decision to refund depends on the on-site manager. Still, if there are any extreme cases, then they will offer you a refund or a rescheduling.

How long is the whole experience?

  • Approximately 7 hours, including pick-up and drop-off.

Can I request for a menu change?

  • There is a limited amount of menus, but if you let them know ahead of time, then they might make the changes you request. Otherwise, you are allowed to bring your own food if you have a specialized diet.

What are some things I should bring?

  • A backpack, a camera or phone to capture good pictures, some extra money in-case, a change of clothes in case it rains, and sunscreen if necessary.

Do the staff speak English?

  • Yes, the staff are trained to approach their customers professionally and help their customers.

What if it starts to rain?

  • The weather policy is if it starts raining the activities will continue until the instructor feels there is a lightning caution