Siam Niramit

Siam Niramit
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About Siam Niramit

The Siam Niramit show is one of the most massive stage productions in Thailand and is an award-winning bastion of beauty. There is no way visitors looking to explore Bangkok can miss this. Likened to a Broadway production, Siam Niramit boasts some of the best stage actors in the nation.

The festivities kick off with pre-show interactive attractions for guests that choose to arrive early. These include a live rendition of a traditional Thai village where guests can peruse the Thai way of life, various pieces of art that offer tremendous photo opportunities, and of course, outdoor interactive dance performances that get the juices flowing. 

The main show is broken up into three main acts. The first act is a journey through history where performers highlight all the different cultural components of Thailand, including the Northeast(Issan), the Central Plains, the North, and the South Seas. Prolific actors play out the ways of life and how folks from these different regions interact day-to-day. The beauty of it all lies in the message that despite being different, we’re all quite the same. 

The second act delves into the journey beyond imagination, highlighting common beliefs of the Thai people such as laws of Karma, good and bad deeds, and boon or suffering in lives beyond this one. The last act brings it all together by highlighting joyous Thai festivals through time and the different beliefs held by the Thai people on what it means to be truly happy.

General Information

Highlighted as Bangkok’s very own Broadway show, Siam Niramit has received critical acclaim for its excellent production. Some of the most prominent recognition includes multiple awards from the Ministry of Tourism, Recognition from the Pacific Asia Travel Association, the Prime Minister’s Creativity Award, Trip Advisor’s Destination of Excellence, and many more. 

Siam Niramit is such a beautiful theatrical location that it has also hosted things beyond its main show. In 2008 and 2018, they hosted the IIFA Awards, which are effectively Bollywood’s Oscars. They also boast having the capacity to host a United Nations General Assembly meeting, which of course, has never happened. 

The organization stands proud of the fact that Siam Niramit has become a place of employment for the promotion of arts and crafts in Thailand. The organization is committed to empowering young Thai stage actors and others involved in the field. Siam Niramit stands by the fact that providing a platform as such that receives global attention is at the heart and soul of the growth of these young budding performers. 

Beyond that, various heads of embassies, leaders of states, and renowned journalists have sung countless praises about this production. The organization claims that their success comes down to being true to their mission of sharing the beauty of Thailand with all visitors in addition to their endlessly hardworking staff and performers that go above and beyond to craft their art.

How to get there

  1. Train: BTS Phaya Thai or BTS Sanam Pao then Taxi to Siam Niramit
  2. Car: Ratchada Niramit Co., Ltd., 19 Tiamruammit Road, HuayKwang, 

Bangkok 10320, THAILAND.

  1. Bus: Bus numbers 136, 60, and 204
  2. Siam Niramit also offers a shuttle bus from Thailand Cultural Center Station

Venue details

Siam Niramit’s opening hours are 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM daily.

Siam Niramit has one show which starts at 8:00 PM, and the show lasts anywhere between 70-80 mins (1 hour 20 mins approx.)

Price and Packages

Ticket TypePhysical Location Price
Standard Seat (NO Dinner) Dinner ฿ 1,200 ฿250
Gold Seat (NO Dinner) Dinner฿ 1,600 ฿250
Platinum (NO Dinner)  Dinner           ฿ 1,800 ฿250

Visit the website for more details:


Siam Niramit has several facilities provided for customers.

  1. Big Theater, where all shows are hosted along with ceremonies and specialized conferences.
  2. The venue has a dining area for guests that have buffet access.
  3. Siam Niramit has its merchandise store where you can purchase traditional Thai handicrafts and other art.
  4. Siam Niramit offers a Thai cultural workshop, fun activities, and other fun ventures.
  5. Free Shuttle Bus – Siam Niramit offers a free shuttle bus service pick-up and drop-off for all Siam Niramit Show customers.
    • A: You can take the shuttle bus from Thailand Cultural Center Station starting 5:15 PM
    • B: Drop-off services begin after the show has ended and the bus will drop you off to MRT Huay Kwang Station (Exit 2)
  6. Siam Niramit also offers wheelchair service for the disabled.
    • A: Available parking spaces for the disabled.
    • B: Ramps built all around the place for easy access to wheelchair users.
    • C: Wheelchair service (need prior booking)
    • D: Accessible restrooms in all areas.
  7. Siam Niramit has a Muslim prayer room for fellow Muslim guests.
    • A: Muslim Prayer Room.

Show details

The show of Siam Niramit is broken down into three main acts.

  • ACT 1: Journey back to history
  • This act is all about how the civilization of the Thais came along.
  • ACT 2: Journey beyond imagination: The Three Worlds
  • This act is about all kinds of mysterious creatures and a journey of heaven and hell
  • ACT 3: Journey through joyous festivals
  • This act is all about Thai festivals such as Loy Krathong, Songkran, etc.